Workout with The Golden Boy – Old-School Biceps!

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Guns, pythons, the Rocky Mountains. Whatever you call your biceps, we all train them, and we all have different exercises that work best for us. However, at the end of the day, we all chase that peak!

We look at bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robbie Robinson, Sergio Olivia, Rachel McLish, Iris Kyle, Phil Heat, Rowley Winkler, oh and we can’t forget Larry Scott. These men and women by nature have genetically great arms, but it’s the way that they train them that made their biceps legendary. After years of training, I finally found the recipe that works for me when it comes to this body part, and I want to share that with all of you.

I’ve always been a big fan of old-school bodybuilders, and I’ve taken many of my exercises from the Golden Era of bodybuilding because it works. Many of the things that I’ve learned have benefited me when I train my biceps. I learned more than just how to do a curl; I learned how to curl like a bodybuilder should. I’m a firm believer that when the exercise is performed properly, you will benefit from it. Anyone can put on size, but if you lift the weight properly, you can have the size and the definition that goes along with it. We all want that perfect peak, so here’s how!

Alex "The Golden Boy" Forian

Alex “The Golden Boy” Forian

Workout 1 – This first workout is straightforward. We’re keeping it old-school, focusing on that stretch and squeeze. No need to rush this workout. Trust me, you’ll get a pump just by keeping it slow and steady.

For your warm-up, you’ll be doing CT Fletcher Ez-Bar cable curls. I came across a workout video of him performing this exercise. I tried it for myself, and it was a great way to get blood into my biceps fast! You need a partner for this warm-up. Start by choosing a cable bar (in this case an Ez-Cable Bar). Keep the weight range between 20lbs to 70lbs/100lb (whatever is more comfortable for you). Your partner will place the pin within the weight range at random. Once they tell you to begin, perform your first set of 10. Once you complete your first set, your partner will take the pin out and place it in a new weight within the same weight ranges at random, which is the beginning of the second set of 10. You keep doing this until you reach 10×10. There are no breaks in between sets. This is a warm-up, so you should have the energy to blast through this. If you don’t have a partner, you can still pick the weight at random yourself, but don’t cheat. Push yourself!

You can also apply the same method when you do Triceps Presses. Now! Go and get that pump on, but remember, no swinging or jerking motions. Do it right.



  • CT Fletcher Ez-Bar cable curls – 10×10, random weight in a preselected range


  • Dumbbell preacher curls – 3×6-10
  • Incline seated alternating dumbbell curls – 3×6-10
  • Barbell spider curls – 3×6-10
  • Seated Arnold curls or Hammer Arnold curls – 3×6-10
  • Ez-Bar hammer curls – 3×6-10
  • Dumbbell hammer curls – 3×6-10

Workout 2 – If you’ve done the first biceps workout, you’re going to love the second one. This second workout involves supersets. Now, I know the majority of people that read this know what supersets are. For the ones that don’t, I’ll explain. You perform one exercise and move on to the next exercise without taking a break in between. Two exercises back to back, no rest between, resting only between sets – you just preformed a superset.

21’s are a great way to warm-up the biceps. If you’ve never performed this exercise before, here’s a quick “how to.” You’ll split the 21 reps into 7 reps for the 3 different ranges of motion performed with a barbell. First 7: Begin your curls with your arms fully extended. Bring the bar in to a 90° so forearms are parallel with the floor. Once you have reached 90°, bring your arms back down fully extended and repeat. Second 7: Begin with the bar at 90°, forearms parallel with the floor. Continue the curl upward to maximum flexion, then bring the bar back down, stopping at 90° and repeat. Third 7: Perform seven normal barbell curls with full range of motion (fully extended down and maximum flexion at top).



  • Barbell or Ez-bar 21’s – 3×7-7-7


  • Barbell cable curls with lat pulldown bar – 4×8-12, superset with:
  • Lying Ez-bar cable curls on Cable row machine – 4×8-12
  • Wide grip barbell curls – 4×8-12
  • Ez-bar hammer cable curls – 4×8-12, superset with:
  • Across body hammer curls – 4×8-12

Workout 3 – The third workout involves Hellcentric. If you’ve never done hellcentric before, you’re going to love it or throw-up! Either way, it’s going to be fun. I recommend you do this workout with a partner. You begin by doing a set of reps. Once you finish a set, your last 4 reps will be hellcentric. Your partner will apply pressure as you’re performing the exercise to intensify the resistance. In this case, they apply pressure while you perform the positive (the curl).

Let’s say you can curl a 60lb barbell for 12 reps. With this workout, you’re going to use a 40lbs or 50lbs barbell instead. Those last four reps when pressure is applied will feel a lot heavier than it looks. Make sure when you or your partner apply pressure, there is a respectable amount that is being applied. At least 40%-70% of pressure should be applied from you or your partner. If you or your partner are applying too little pressure, then the weight is too heavy. If you or your partner are applying 100% of pressure and you’re doing more reps then you should, then the weight is too light, so stop being a sissy and grab something heavier.

Now if you do not have a training partner with you on that day, you can still perform hellcentric by yourself. When you reach your last 4 hellcentric reps, count backwards from 5 as you slowly bring the bar back down to the starting position. Once again, even though you do not have a partner with you, drop the weight by 10lbs-20lbs so you can perform the exercise correctly. I promise you, you’ll feel the burn, you’ll feel the pump, and the next day you won’t be able to move your arms. Feel free to incorporate hellcentric into the rest of your weekly workouts as well. It’s a great challenge for the muscle. You’ll feel and see a difference.

This warm-up features Zottman curls. Created by 19th century strongman George Zottman, this warm-up is going to hit your biceps (duh), but it’s really going to kill your forearms, too. Start in a standing position with two dumbbells. Perform a regular dumbbell curl with both dumbbells at the same time. Once you have reached maximum flexion, rotate your wrist to perform the negative of a pronated hammer curl all the way back down. That will be one rep. Perform your second rep by curling the dumbbell in the already pronated hammer curl to maximum flexion. Once you reach maximum flexion, rotate your wrist back to supinated grip (the regular dumbbell curls that you began with) to perform the negative. That will be your second rep and so on and so forth until you reach 12-15 reps.



  • Dumbbell Zottman curls – 3×12-15


  • Barbell curls – 1×12+4, 1×8+4, 1×6+4
  • Barbell hammer curls – 1×12+4, 1×8+4, 1×6+4
  • One-arm machine preacher curls – 1×12+4, 1×8+4, 1×6+4
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