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Have you ever opened one of your text books, read a few pages then bang your head against a wall for 20 minutes and asked yourself “why am I still in school?” Well we’ve all been there, but at that point we were overwhelmed and stressed out. It happened and we moved on. We really don’t want to drop out of school; I mean we want a degree, right. It’s that special piece of paper that you frame on your wall and can get you almost any job you want. Yet sometimes it can get you get you nowhere. That all depends on what you do with it. However, I know you. You want to work now! Not three years down the line in a field that you may not typically like, no you want to train people full-time now. That’s great, but you try balancing that with being a full time student. It’s a lot harder than you think it is. There’ve been points in my life where I sit in class and I don’t know why am there. I rather train people full-time and I can easily do that. All I would have to do is just dropout. However my conscience says otherwise. I would be the first in my family to get a university degree and with all the support my parents have given me. I want that degree! Still, I know quite a few people that didn’t go to university or did and then later dropped out because it’s not what they wanted. Believe it or not things ended-up working out for them very well and I support them. However, they’re a few other in my perspective that shouldn’t be receiving so much praise.

They’re “superstars” in their own mind. There not even Mrs./Mr. O material, but their “superstars” nonetheless. They have clients all around the world, local fitness and supplement companies want to sponsors them. Here’s the funny part, many of them aren’t certified to train or give a nutritional programs, but as long as they have a 6-pack and have more follow then the Pope and the Dalai Lama combine. They won’t need to go back to school with the money they’re making. Now, no matter what athlete you are, what you’re goals are they all claim that they know everything. Bullshit! In the fitness industry, there are always a handful of these so-called personal trainers that think they know everything, but in retrospect some of them look like they can’t bench a plate. Heck! I wouldn’t want one of them to spot me. Now, I’m using the examples from where I live. First off. I want to make something clear. I’m very thankful and lucky that I’ve surround myself with CBBF and IFBB athletes that have been in the fitness/bodybuilding industry for a lot longer than I’ve been alive. I have learned a lot from them and I keep learning more and more each day. They have the trophies and degrees to prove that they know what they’re doing. Yes, a few never went to university, but they continued their education in the field of fitness to broaden their knowledge and they received their degrees from it. Their the one’s that deserve more and yet, there are some people out there that don’t have the same pedigree as many of these so-called personal trainers we know. Many of these so-called personal trainers that I’ve met have made all their money from giving a cookie-cutter programs. Everyone gets the same thing because when someone is training for the first time they don’t know any better for what they’re looking for. How dare someone just make a cookie-cutter program for someone who’s actually trying to get in shape for the first time. People just assumed by doing the program, they’re going to get everything that they ever wanted in a perfect physique. We all make programs pacifically for certain physique, no matter what age, what gender or what goals and we all have the degree or certification to say we know what were doing. Why? Because we went to school for it or took personal trainer courses and we’ve been in fitness all our lives. However, people keep going to these so-called personal trainers looking for advice.


What separates us from these other so-called personal trainers is our positive attitude. Being positive draws more clients and not fancy signs and stupid gimmicks. We are here to help people overcome something that they thought was impossible. We are the real personal trainers. We have sculpted our body from nothing into a Greek god or goddess and all we want to do is to pay it forward. We all should so what if some of us don’t have the biggest followings on social media, we don’t have every sponsor breaking down our door. Sooner or later we’ll all get the attention that we deserve. We are the athletes, the trainers that are going to stick around forever because we choose to stay in school and get our degree even if it’s not remotely related to fitness. We still stayed in school because we wanted to build character and learn more about ourselves before we enter the real world. We can become better people. We may not make all the money in the world from writing programs or nutritional guidelines, but it’s a start and once we have more time will be able to progress from there, hopefully make a career out of it. These other so-called personal trainers are just a dime a dozen. Yeah! They’ll keep making their money with their cookie-cutter programs, but they’ll have a quick high and then die out. They’ll go back to school eventually. People recognize hard work and the love that is put into it. It does take time, but once you’ve reached the top there’s always another ladder to climb and where the kind of people that just want to keep climbing the ladder.

Stay in school. There will be ups and downs, but you have to push through to get what you worked for. We all can do that and that’s what’s going to make the difference between us and everyone else that chose a drop out. Stay strong people! Mentally and physically!


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