Davis Strassberg

North Americans 2018

David Strassberg from Ukraine currently living in New Jersey

how and when did you get involved in bodybuilding?

I played ice hockey at a very young age at a high level and had a lot of talent and wanted to go to the NHL. I was a late bloomer and looked 12 years old up until around 18-19, I was a very skinny kid. In high school I made Varsity my Freshman year and I remember when coach made us hit the weight room for the first time I was the weakest kid on my team (yet the most skilled or one of the most skilled), I was the only one to get pinned under the BAR (45lbs) on bench press, other kids were repping 135lbs for a few and I felt really shitty.

This made me resent the weight room. I wanted nothing to do with it and swore I’d get by with skill alone, I hated meatheads and lifting. It got worse as kids matured and I got hit hard a few times that basically knocked me unconscious.

I ended up socializing more and in the NYC club scene, it was like 2001-2003 and I remember going to my first club and at that time every guy in the club was a monster and hot girls were all over these guys, after that night I told myself I needed to do something and was sick of being weak. I reached out to a friend who I knew trained and looked pretty good, he taught me a basic split, I remember seeing my shoulders blow up in 2 weeks, and I was addicted to “bodybuilding” from that day forward. I was 19ish, I am 35 now, and my first competition was in 2013, when I started bodybuilding there was no physique or bikini, if you competed you were a monster, so I knew I needed a lot of time to grow. I also had shoulder surgery in 2010 which slowed me down from my first show.


looking back on your early years, what parts were hard for you and what parts were easy for you?

If you mean body parts, my arms and chest have always been stubborn, my back, traps and shoulders grew, my width is what sets me apart I am very wide but need more thickness. It took me a few years to really understand proper nutrition but I’d say it is common and as bodybuilders we are always learning how we react to food, timing, etc.

how did you do in your first few competitions?

My first show I won Novice Light Heavyweight class, first place and third in open out of 9 competitors. I was probably top 2 best conditioned athletes in the whole show.

when and where you first started bodybuilding?

I`d say I started bodybuilding at a local YMCA in 2002-2003, but competitively my first show was NPC Muscle Beach promoted by Jason Arntz in NJ. I trained out if Apollon Gym in NJ, a hardcore gym to prep for that show.

what was the key to your success?

I don’t consider myself successful until I win a Pro Card, I was close this year, but I guess for the sake of this question, I literally have never cheated on my diet ever or missed a training session in my life, I will literally eat dog shit if that’s what my coach tells me to eat. My work ethic is my biggest attribute and the ability to get peeled, cross striations, vascularity etc. I became very close with my coach and now friend IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino who convinced me to competed this past year and I guess I turned some heads and competed nationally for the first time at Northamericans in Pittsburgh. So yeah, anyone that knows me knows my work ethic.


 how would you describe your training style and mentality?

I’ve had a lot of injuries, I have long limbs and I am  6’0 tall. I learned early that I am injury-prone, I train my ass off with high volume, super sets, drop sets, my training partner is my coach and he trains heavy but I have to keep my ego in check and keep my form strict or I will get injured. So a combo of smart but intense and higher volume. I don’t lift extremely heavy.

what advice would you give to beginner entering the lifestyle?

Focus on form, learn about nutrition, I used to think I can look like whoever I want when I was young which any seasoned bodybuilder knows is absolutely false, if you don’t have the genetics to have arms like Roelly Winklaar you never will, so be smart, consistent and focus on being the best YOU that you can be, if you compare yourself to others youll go insane. Also, this takes YEARS. I’ve been at it 16 years and still have yet to fill out my frame but I keep getting closer and that’s what makes this journey fun, marathon not a sprint. Also, in bodybuilding, just because someone looks good in the gym or beach, or even backstage, once you step on stage next to them, its a whole different ball game, I’ve beaten people I didn’t think I ever would because my physique shines and pops when I pose and I make a lot of guys look bad. But just standing around with no pump I may not look like anything that mind blowing.

biggest inspiration?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She’s the strongest person I have ever met and My best friend.

In terms of bodybuilding my inspiration is my coach, he really goes out of his way to be really good to people, random people, fans, friends and is a hard worker with an old school hardcore mentality, just stfu and do the work type of mentality. @guycisternino is his IG.


David and his beautiful mother. Pittsburgh North Americans 2018














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Thank you very much for your time, David!

I hope you keep active on social media. I’m sure you do not only motivate me, but also thousands of other fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. I found you not only funny but extremely humble and down to earth!

Thanks for wanting to interview me. Makes me feel good. David