One Young Man’s Transformation

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My name is Blake Mouyassar, and this is a short story of the journey that took place between these two images in front of you. The picture on the left is me when I decided to take control of my life at age 16.  In my mind, at that time, I was destined to be the average push-over, relatively unremarkable. I felt powerless and resigned to this view of myself. One day, I began thinking that maybe there was something that I could do to change this view. Perhaps I could change what I was and how I presented myself to the world. Perhaps I had the ability to steer my own course instead of yielding to destiny. That moment changed my life. I had my mother take a photo of me, not only so that I could track the progress I made physically, but also, by seeing my appearance, so that I would remember how I felt emotionally at the start of my journey.


Just four and a half years later, I am still seeking to find the best version of myself possible. We all go through struggles and challenges when we strive toward our goals, so energy does not need to be wasted focused on those things that are inevitably part of the process. Instead, focus on the vision you have for yourself and work tirelessly toward that vision.  Hopefully, the transformation I have gone through will be an encouragement to you and can be applied to your own journey as well.


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