NPC Figure Champ Angel Clarke

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A year ago I was getting ready for my second show ever. I dieted down, but ended up peaking too soon. I got way to lean to early and unfortunately, I got really sick. I had to pull out of the show and started having serious digestion issues. Every time I ate my stomach would blow up with air, it would be hard as a rock and I would be in pain. The only thing that helped was not eating and of course, show time all comes down to what you eat. The way you look all comes down to what you eat and I could barley touch anything. I went about 4 months eating something small as soon as I woke up like eggs and then a meal right before bed and lost about 25 lbs, everything I worked for pretty much went right down the drain. I went to the doctors and regardless of all the test I had done, endoscopy, colonoscopy, Xrays, sonograms, blood work, it didn’t matter, no body could figure out what was wrong other than “my kidney enzymes are a bit too high.” Before I knew it, 8 months went by and I was a mess. The one thing I loved the most was taken away from me and no body could help me. My boyfriend stepped in. “You have to go to the gym” he pushed me every day. He made me fresh juice drinks for me every morning. He made the one meal I could eat at night to enjoy. My family being all the way in Massachusetts. I was alone here in Florida and the only support was from my boyfriend and a few close friends.

One day it all clicked! He convinced me to try for a show again. That’s when I talked to my coach Nick from AnyTimeFitness with Imperial Physiques. I saw how much of a team everyone there was. People supporting each other when competing together. Going through the hard work to make it to the top and I wanted to be apart of that so I tried. I had 3 months to build, then another 3 to cut down for the C.J. Classic in west palm 2016. I had absolutely no idea if I was going to be able to walk across that stage, finally being diagnosed with IBS and not knowing if carb loading or water manipulation or even just the diet in general would keep me from being able to step on that stage. All the money, all the time I put into this show came down to the last hour.

I did it! I made it! I took first Overall making me nationally qualified. I potentially could have never been able to compete again, literally took a leap of faith and I just ended up landing on both feet. Without the push, with out the support, the love from everyone and the amount of people that cheered for me along the way; this proves that if you just simply try, you can do it. I get to keep my passion and it will never be just a faded memory.

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Gretta Vitta
Welcome to Gretta Vitta’s World! Do It Gretta Vitta Style Stuart, FL. April, 2016- As a mother raising three children on her own, Gretta Vitta spends most of her free time spending quality time with her children, whom she is most passionate about, Anthony (19), Blake (12), and Braxton (9). Gretta spends the rest of her time thriving to improve herself and helping others improve themselves as well. Gretta Vitta is a successful Hispanic business woman. She was propelled into fame when she became 'The Lady in Red' for her humanitarian work for "The American Red Cross Haiti Relief" and "Chile Earthquake". Gretta is President of her public relations and marketing company "Powerful Marketing" that specializes in corporate, social and charity events. Before Gretta launched "Powerful Marketing" she served as Corporate Director for a prestigious Construction Company in Palm Beach County. Throughout her career, she held different roles in various organizations which she has demonstrated to be team-oriented, dependable, self-motivated and passionate about her work and clients. She even started in her own TV show “ Spanglish con Gretta Vitta”, featured on "Hola Vision TV" an affiliate station with CBS 12 in West Palm Beach this she produces and directs her self. Also was a radio host for WPBR 1340am, Voice over for commercials on Mia 92.1 fm. A writer of a very prestigious magazine "Hispanic in America Magazine”, "Latin Connection Magazine", "Sunset Drive Magazine" "El Punto Newspaper" a section "Destination South Florida with Gretta Vitta", and Co-Editor of "The Iron LifeStyle Magazine". She now is an award-winning women’s physique competitor. A very hard working women who also runs her own one-on-one fitness studio located in Stuart, FL called “Do It Gretta Vitta Style Health & Fitness Studio” where she offers contest preparation, NPC and IFBB posing practice, diet programs, contest prep coaching, sports specific training, boot camp training, and weight loss programs. In 2014, Gretta made her debut as a Physique competitor in the Dayana Cadeau Classic, placing 1st in her class and winning Masters overall, and then competed in the Amanda Marinelli Florida Gold Cup, placing 1st in the Masters 30+ class. More recently, she placed top 10 in the country at her first national show in her class at NPC Nationals in Miami 2015, which is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. She is a NPC amateur who just recently signed a contract to be sponsored by 5% nutrition, which is one of the top supplement companies, not only in the USA but also in the world! Gretta Vitta is pepping for her 2nd National bodybuilding show working with one of the beast coaches in the country IFBB PRO Shelby Starnes and her posing coach Rich Álvarez. She plans to become an International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) Professional and eventually compete on the Olympia stage. One of her favorite quotes is “Love what you do” and she surely loves what she does. Through her determination and perseverance, Gretta Vitta never stops thriving for excellence! Press Contact Name: Gretta Vitta Mobile: (772) 233-6397

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