My Fitness Motivation

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I have many reasons for staying fit, but my main motivation is keeping a healthy body and mind. I also LOVE the way muscle looks on a woman! I know that in many people’s opinions, my amount of muscle may be extreme, but it’s who I am and love everything that it represents…hard work, dedication, consistency, struggle, overcoming obstacles. It’s a daily reminder that I can do anything if I put my mind to it! It’s something I can look at and be proud of having accomplished!

I love competing because I consider my body a work of art that is a constant work in progress. After each show I take feedback and try to make my physique even better and more balanced. Competing gives me an outlet to showcase my physique and meet other people with the same interests. Meeting other people who share the same passion is very motivating to me! I have met a number of great friends in the industry. These people motivate me to be a stronger, better and more positive person. These are usually the people that keep me going when I’m struggling with motivation, injury, etc. I have met some of my closest friends through fitness.

My husband, Mark, is also a HUGE source of motivation for me. He supports me in all my goals. I think fitness has brought us even closer together. Mark is an NPC Heavyweight Bodybuilder, and he always pushes me to be better. Being with someone who lives the same lifestyle definitely helps make me a better person and competitor.

I love the way working out and eating clean makes me feel, both physically and mentally. Training is a great release for all of my energy and stress, especially since I work full time in an office. Being in shape allows me to be better at everything I do both in the gym and in everyday life. I am a happier and more confident person, as well as a much more disciplined and focused person, both in the gym and at work.

I’d be lying if I said that the way my body looks when I’m in shape isn’t a huge source of motivation! Loving the way I look is very important to me. I love the look of a lean, muscular physique, even though it’s not always easy to achieve or maintain.  The difficulty is what makes it that much more rewarding. Every time I prep for a show, I have ups and downs, and there are times I question why I am doing it, but seeing the changes and improvements in my body each week motivates me to keep pushing forward!

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