Love and Teamwork with Bryan and Julia Waring.

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How we met:

It’s probably no surprise that the sport of Bodybuilding brought Bryan and Julia together. It was not your typical love at first sight. They met in October 2015, exchanging contact info for nothing romantic related. Eventually it grew into a true friendship by two complete strangers supporting each other through one of the most grueling processes one can go through, a prep. Eight months after meeting, they competed in Junior USA 2016 together, and it was after that show they realized it may be something more. The rest is history, and in December 2016 they tied the knot and made it official.

Perspective on training:

With both of them working full time jobs and prepping, they are considerate of the others’ time and energy. While Julia feels she is knowledgeable enough to train herself, she knows Bryan is the reason her physique has matured. He began guiding her prior to getting her pro card in 2017. He has not let down, which is evident in her gracing the Olympia stage her rookie year in 2018. Julia often feels selfish asking Bryan to train her during his prep, but this is where you see the true picture of a husband who has invested greatly in his wife’s talent and success.

Training for them at the most lasts an hour. They train heavy, but with lots of volume. Bryan knows the workouts can be tough, but Julia pushes very hard. Bryan even referred to her as the hardest working woman on the planet. Prepping together also has its highs and lows, but for the most part it is a fairly peaceful time for them. They both get irritable, hangry at times, low energy, but they understand and embrace that there is a goal.

Bryan recently told Julia, “I know training you will help take your physique to a higher level. We may go hard on our own, but it’s a totally different ball game when you are being trained. It’s a different mindset. I never mind training you even when I’m tired. Like I’ve said many times before, I just want you to be great in this sport. We’re in this together, and I hold myself accountable within if I’m not involved in your process. You’ve built a high level pro physique from us training together and it shows.” This is a support system that all couples should want to emulate. They each desire to put the other first in achieving their goals. Most importantly they keep God first always.

Last Thought:

If you don’t remember anything you’ve read, they want you to at least remember this: always realize that Bodybuilding is still just a sport. Yes fitness is their passion, but their marriage (which is a representation of their faith) must always come before it all. If anything in life gets more of you than you give your spouse, you tread dangerous waters.

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