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JessLee (Yes, all one word capital J & capital L), born in 1991, spent her early years in Loxahatchee,Florida. There, wild hogs, snakes, dirt roads and big trucks were the norm. Born into a family of musicians you can imagine how music was always playing in the house. Family and music are her everything. Even before she could walk she naturally kept rhythm with the music. Believe it or not at age three JessLee already knew what she wanted to do. She took an immediate liking to country music and she sang it all the time. From the time she started Kindergarten she was invited to sing with the Young Americans. Again from early ages on she has continued to perform the National Anthem in front of large audiences at West Palm Beach Stadiums for the Marlins and Cardinals baseball and many other venues and functions. Winning many vocal competitions throughout her young life was exciting but mostly just outlets to perform, which she loved more than anything. The spark that really lit up JessLee was when she wrote her first song, “Hold it in Your Hands”, at age nine. It won a huge award and since then, she has written many others.
JessLee has always been inspired by her grandparents. They’ve spent their entire careers and lives doing what they love most, working together as professional musicians. All the family gatherings were surrounded with music and often the family would come to public venues to see them perform. To this day, watching them perform is one of her favorite things to do. They are an amazing reminder to her that music is in her blood. More than anything, JessLee loves to perform on stage. Inspiring a crowd with her music is the icing on the already amazing musical cake. She has an ability to project her feelings through the crowd so they too, feel her passion. Music has always been a piece of her survival. It is part of her soul and as important as her heart. You may know of JessLee’s successes on Season 8 and Season 13 of American Idol. The experiences taught her a lot about the industry and gave her that extra push to take a hold of her dreams. Always motivated, but now even more driven to just go for it! Regardless of any contest outcome it was not the end of her dreams. She knows that hard work and perseverance is what she needs to continue to reach her goals. She says,”No matter what, music is the love of my life and I’m going where the music takes me.”
Already so many positive and negative life experiences have taught her so much. Like how to be confident not cocky, flexible yet true to self, marketable yet have fun and last, but not least, to promote herself like no one else can! JessLee says, “I also have learned how to properly handle criticism. The good news is that everyone has their own opinion and thank God we can, in the USA, the greatest country in the world. It’s not my job to teach others how to say things. It’s my job to decide what I am going to do with the information stated. I have learned how to use my thick country skin in this very critical industry. The world is filled with supporters & non-supporters. Both can motivate you beyond your imagination. No matter what, in life, you can’t have the highs without the lows or likers without haters. So I can turn ANYTHING negative into another motivating step closer to my dreams.”
JessLee is a fitness activist! She believes that an important part of the industry is aesthetics and taking care of yourself! Fitness has taught her to be strong not just in body but also mind and soul. Staying active and healthy keeps her strong and motivated for performances. Her mantra is: “Music and Muscles”
JessLee enjoys performing with her 6 piece rock’n country band.  (See band members and bios at bottom of this page)
JessLee is an independent country artist. Though she has received offers to sign with several labels. She has not yet found one that feels like a home. She is currently living in the small town of Stuart, FL and recently recorded her first EP in Tennessee which was released April 17, 2015. She has since had many album reviews around the world, concerts, and interviews. On October 24, 2015 she kicked off her campaign to raise money for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA). She donates $2.00 from every sold album: JessLee Just a Kiss to the CVMA. She is a proud supporter of the CVMA. “Veterans helping Veterans” She is grateful to all veterans. Remembering John 15:13 “No greater love then to lay down one’s life for a friend.” JessLee says , “American Veteran’s choose everyday to put their lives in harms way to insure the freedom of our country.”
JessLee quotes: “God gave me a big voice and big dreams…We will all soon find out what I can do with them.”
Stay tuned for more details on JessLee and her album, “JessLee Just A Kiss”
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