“IT” is the Secret to Bodybuilding Success!

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The question I am always asked is “what can I do to get bigger” or “what can I take.” It is a myth that there is a secret routine or supplement that will unlock championship-level development. I had the privilege almost 20 years ago to read an article that shared that secret and a friend who showed me how to incorporate that secret.

The first part of that secret was the “I”. That stood for INTENSITY. I had read all the routines of the champions and knew all the exercises. All of this knowledge is worthless unless it is done with intensity. People always ask me for a good routine, and my answer is always the same: what’s the point if you are not doing it with the intensity required? If you ever watch a champion train or have trained with one, you will quickly realize that their intensity is light years beyond 98% percent of the people you have ever seen train. These champions are focused. No playing, no talking, no cell phones! While my first trainer jokes that he showed me all the wrong routines, I am quick to remind him that the most important thing I learned from him was to train with an intensity that was borderline scary at times.

The second part of that secret is the “T”, which is simply TECHNIQUE. All the routines and intensity in the world are of no use if you do everything with bad form. You can scream as you banana-back (severely rounding your back) a 400lb deadlift off the floor all you want, but injury will come before results. Lifting heavy weight is a means to an end, not the end itself. The goal shouldn’t just be to squat 405lbs for 10 reps – it should be to squat 405lbs for at least 10 PERFECT reps with correct form and full range of motion.

It’s a compliment and also an insult to watch people copy my exact routines in the gym without even asking for input. I’m flattered they want to do what I do, but I’m frustrated to see they butcher every movement. Learn how to do things right!

Combine proper intensity, not recklessness, with the correct technique, and you have your “secret” workout of the champs. Lift hard and safe!

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