Interview with IFBB WP Pro Lisa Grasso

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Lisa Grasso

Lisa Grasso

How did you get started in bodybuilding/fitness?

I would read Oxygen magazine and was amazed at how fit the women were in the articles. I wanted to attain that goal. I would workout every day during my lunch hour. I started reading different books on how to work out and researching programs and continued from there. After some time of clean eating, cardio and weight training, I had people asking me if I compete. I began thinking maybe, just maybe, I could be one of those women in Oxygen. The seed had been planted and here I am today competing in Women’s Physique.

What is your favorite body part to train?

My favorite body part to train is my back. I feel incredibly strong when pulling, plus I feel my back definitely dominates my other muscle groups and looks broad and tapers at the waist.

Can you give us a sample of your routine?

I usually do one body part a day. I will hit shoulders twice a week and split quads and hamstrings on different days. Chest training consists of 4 sets of each move pyramiding up in weight and down in reps. I begin with dumbbell incline presses; flat bench press; decline pressing; cable flys and finish off with 4 sets of 20 push-ups. I utilize dumbbells so I can adjust my grip so as not to be in a fixed position and possibly hurt my shoulder, plus it allows me to see if one side is lagging and helps keep symmetry.

What kind of cardio do you like best and why?

Oooh, cardio, I hate cardio, but it is a necessary evil. I do a variety of cardio to keep myself from getting bored. I will do high intensity interval training either on the treadmill, step mill or elliptical. I am looking to incorporate sprinting up bleachers and then walking down for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Tell us about your biggest bodybuilding/fitness influence(s)?

The biggest fitness influence for me at the time I decided to get in great shape was Monica Brandt, as well as others who were featured in Oxygen magazine. As I began to develop my physique, I realized I was able to put on more dense muscle then what was accepted in figure and/or fitness. I also realized I liked the more muscular look as we see in the women’s physique category. Therefore, I would have to say hands down, Dana Lynn Bailey has been a huge influence, and in my eyes Dana is the icon for women’s physique. I hope one day to meet Dana and/or be on the same stage with her.

What is your favorite cheat food?

Mmmmm, what is my favorite cheat food? This is a hard one for me to choose. I have so many, but I would have to say 3 slices, maybe even 4 slices, of thin crisp crust pizza is by far my favorite.

Do you take any supplements?

The only supplements I use are Dymatize Elite Whey protein before and after training; a B-complex vitamin, magnesium, omega 3; Cissus and COFFEE. Lots and lots of coffee!

What are your 2015 plans?

I am planning on competing in the Europa in Orlando, Florida; The Wings of Strength in Tampa, Florida; and the Crystal Cup in Boca Raton, Florida. I would love to do more shows, but as all of us in the industry know, this passion of ours is very expensive. So I do the shows I can afford.

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