How to GROW Massive Wheels!

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The one training day that everyone dreads is Leg Day. I’m sure you have heard people say to our top-heavy bodybuilding friends “don’t skip leg day”, as many bodybuilders do not feel the need to train legs. While it might not be as fun to train as the upper body, a disproportionate, unaesthetic body is not what you want. Having strong legs and murdering the lower body in the gym will not only bring in a full, balanced look but also create a stronger, full body response to your entire training.

Training legs can be brutal. It can make you vomit, see stars, and make you contemplate your life and why you bother, all in about 90 minutes of a training session. With that being said, it’s a necessity to hit legs at least once a week. Building a body and strength is just like building a house: you have to start from the ground up. It all starts with the foundation of quads, hams, glutes, and calves. If you train them, they will build.

When it comes to growing monstrous legs, you have to hit them from various angles. Squats should be your “go to” exercise when you want to build mass and strength. Beginners should always start their training with different variations of squats. Barbell back squats, front squats, Jefferson squats, sumo squats, and zercher squats are all great exercises to develop a strong base. Leg press, quad extensions, leg curls, and glute ham raises are a great warm-up and finisher to shape and sculpt the legs. You perform those exercises with more volume, while with squats I recommend a progression and pyramid up in weight. I’ll provide a sample workout of my own at the end of this article.

Hip flexibility plays a huge role in the overall development of legs, so make sure you properly perform dynamic stretches (NOT STATIC STRETCHES) before your training and hip and groin stretches frequently between sets for about 5-10 seconds. I typically start off on a single-joint machine exercise to warm up the joints and push blood into the quads or hamstrings. Start off by hitting a few sets of 20 quad extensions or hamstring curls with walking body weight lunges and bodyweight squats. After that, head to the squat rack. Start off with a warm-up of about 12-15 reps with 50% effort, then start your pyramid work to a heavy set of 6 for about 90-95% max effort. From there, I like to perform a drop set or burnout set to rush maximum amount of blood to the legs as possible. Then, follow it with another pyramid set of either leg presses or hack squats and work your way to a heavy set of 8-10 at 90% max effort.

Next, start your single-joint or single movement exercises like lying leg curls for sets of 12 and quad extensions for sets of 12. I personally like to throw in drop sets at the back end of the sets to fully overload the muscle and force growth. Walking lunges can be done with a barbell, dumbells, chains, or plates. Perform this exercise by stepping into the lunge for a distance of 50-100ft for about 4 trips to get a good stretch and complete the workout. I like to train calves every other day since they have a greater recovery response then the quads and hams, so hit the calves on opposite days or in the beginning of the leg workout.

Phil "Bam Bam" Daru

Phil “Bam Bam” Daru

Here is a sample of one of my leg day training sessions:


  • Dynamic Stretches
  • Walking Lunges (body weight): 3x50ft
  • Squats (body weight): 3×20


  • Standing Calf Raises: 4×20 superset with 4×20 seated calf raises
  • Back Squats: 6×12 plus a 10-8-6-6 drop set
  • Leg Press: 4×10-12
  • Quad Extensions: 5×12 plus 1 drop set
  • Hamstring Curls: 5×12 plus 1 drop set
  • Walking Barbell Lunges: 4x100ft


Phil "Bam Bam" Daru (l)

Phil “Bam Bam” Daru (l)

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