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Competition!  Why are there so many trophies?  Have we really sat down and figured out what we are seeking in this competitive world of sports?  Perhaps our perspective is fixated that  the only way to feel like we are worth it, that all of our time was not wasted is to walk away with a trophy or “hardware.”  

I remember my first bodybuilding show, the “Gold’s Classic” in Wilmington NC, 2015, which is now the Atlantic Coast Classic.  Fast forward through numerous other details and factors of nuances I experienced I remember seeing this huge trophy at the evening portion of the show.  They have them staged behind the curtains.  I feel like that is very interesting to see people look at them and almost go into a deep acknowledgement like, “shit is getting real.”  

Full disclosure, they terrify me.  So naturally I didn’t orient a sense of winning to a trophy reward….unless it’s a battle axe.  Those babies are cool.  Even with that factor of what appeals to me those reasons are intrinsic and intangible.  The focus is being involved with people that live this life style and connecting!  

Envision your success being dependent on learning and growth!  Reshaping this mindset will not only help reduce massive amounts of stress and anxiety it will change much more than competing for you.  Other obstacles in other aspects of life can absolutely use this light shed!  
Clint Cubbedge

Aggression Athletics


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