Gretta Vitta – Destined for a Win in NPC Physique

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This weekend my partner in The Iron Lifestyle, Gretta Vitta, will be competing in the Women’s Physique category at the NPC Florida Grand Prix. She has trained like a machine, day in and day out. She has sacrificed sleep, sweets, and social time to pursue her dream. Yet along the way, she has never lost her bright smile or the kind and giving spirit she shows everyone.

I began following Gretta on Instagram last fall, inspired by her win at the NPC Dayana Cadeau contest. She was beautiful, graceful and full of muscle on that stage. Fast forward to November when I was standing in line to tan and register for my first NPC competition, the Florida Gold Cup. As I killed time by scrolling through Instagram, I noticed that Gretta’s last post showed her wearing the same clothes as the woman behind me in line. Turning around, I realized it was Gretta in the flesh.

Although Gretta was already kind of a big deal with a huge fan base from her work in television and print prior to entering the bodybuilding arena, she was very gracious and kind when I introduced myself like a fan girl. Not only did she chat with me, she also offered to lead me through the spray tan process, which was new to me. We ended up in spray tents next to each other, laughing, and long story short, a month later she contacted me to talk about working together on this website.

Gretta could have played the diva role and snubbed me that night at registration. Instead, she was welcoming and generous with her time. It is the same character she demonstrates consistently with those around her. That character, her hustle and her grind make her exceptional, so I wish her the best of luck tomorrow in her contest.

However, luck is for those who don’t plan…so instead, I wish her the success that all of her hard work, diligence, and sacrifice have all but ensured she will achieve!

Go get ’em, Gretta! It’s your time to shine.

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