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I want to share some secrets with you that will help you transform your entire approach to fitness.  But first, let me give you some background.

Experts state that the greatest nation in the world is the imagination!  It is a very special place located within ourselves, and the sky is the the limit.  We should not look at our fitness future through our eyes or past experiences, however, but from our conscious thinking mind in this very present moment.

Since 1994 in Brooklyn, NY, I started to have an idea about how I wanted my body to transform.  I was reading the magazines, watching workout videos, and putting up pictures of my fitness favorites that I admired. Actions followed my thoughts from the kitchen to the weight room, and the skinny geek with the thick glasses was fast developing a burning desire and a damn good body to go with it.  I was practicing professional psychological techniques that were working, but I had no clue the effect it was having.  I was just going with my heart, which I learned is one of the greatest methods ever.

Jason Calabrese

Jason Calabrese

Why give me a shot at helping you transform?  I guess you can say my results.  My methods are from numerous years of studying The Law of Attraction and years of experience in the gym business.  I’m not here to sell you anything. I simply want to guide you to sell yourself on why you want to accomplish your fitness goals and help you stay consistent doing it.

Now imagine going to a new drive-thru called Fast Fitness Now!  This place serves up a healthy mind-muscle connection feeding fast food for the mind. On this menu is knowledge, new beliefs, and new consistent habits to be stacked with any gym membership, personal trainer, aerobic class, cardio equipment, natural supplement , DVDs, books, magazines, and anything else you can think up.  All of these methods work, but only if you have true complete focus.

If you are unsure on how to get to this hidden health spot, have no fear, but faith.  Your GPS is yours truly. Tell me where you are now , and where you want to be. Don’t worry about how you’re going to  get there or how far out it is.  Just keep the car running, and stay in the driver’s seat.  Keep the eye on the prize, start that car, take it out of gear, hit that gas pedal, and never look back!  Now here’s the best part….Fast Fitness Now does truly exist, for everything is created twice.  Once in the mind, and then in the physical state.  So buckle up, and let me break it down!

To get different results, we must do different things.  Usually when we attempt this, we step out of our comfort zone, a place usually not seen but feared.  If you’re up for the challenge, you’re inviting change through faith.  Faith and Fear are two words that begin with the letter F and require you to put belief in what you can’t see.  The only difference is one is positive, and the other is negative.

Realize no matter what, you and only you have a choice and decision to make.  Below is a worksheet from my workout workbook that is soon to be published.  To get started, please read and complete it. Imagine you have just pulled up to the order window at this imaginary Fast Fitness Now:

1.  Welcome to Fast Fitness Now!  This is Jason.  What can I get for you? (BE SPECIFIC – CONSCIOUSLY THINKG ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, DO AND HAVE) I WANT:

2.  I’m sorry, but we are all out of french fries. Instead, please tell me your WHYS: (EMOTIONS/FEELINGS driving your wants)

3.  GREAT!!! Please circle your “methods of payment”, the ways (ACTIONS) you will invest your time to achieve these goals:


4.  Now consider ordering from the “REAL VALUES” menu. Please circle any concerns over the subjects below that may put a mental speed bump in front of your fitness goals:


***Now evaluate yourself honestly: are you only just interested or are you committed to make the time to complete and conquer a new positive fitness lifestyle?***

Fitness dreams and desires can develop with proper alignment of the mind and body.  Most of the time, people are stuck, confused, and out of alignment, thanks to their old automatic habits that dont work. These habits can be compared to putting heavy construction bricks into a backpack and trying to run fast. They will hold you back and slow you down. People point at the outside world, blaming their situation on external factors, not even recognizing that the true problem starts within themselves.

Problems can be solved, and mental muscle must be pumped first by retraining the brain with consistent new repetitions. Through new positive attitudes and a fresh perspective, new seeds will be planted. For a seed to grow, you must nourish it through watering it daily. It is the same with your fitness goals – they will grow and come to fruition if you nourish them with attention, energy, and focus!

Step 1 – Visualization: MY IDEAL FITNESS LIFESTYLE

An artist will tell you that at first, he must dream his painting, then he paints his dream!  This is true because the mind thinks vividly, especially with pictures.  In the fitness field, these pictures are considered goals and targets.  Imagine going to an Orlando Magic game watching these guys bouncing a ball up and down the court for 2 hours with no hoops. There would be no purpose.  We want to, and need to, have a purpose to keep on striving in our fitness lifestyles.

So get creative, and go the store to pick up some supplies.  It’s very inexpensive and a very valuable, powerful tool that works. Get a piece of oak tag, a gluestick, some scissors, and a lot of magazines with pictures and slogans of exactly what you want out of fitness. You are creating a vision, a picture of your dream. Remember to have fun, and there are no limits! Once you’re done, place this vision board somewhere on a wall where you will see it daily. I would definitely give energy, attention, and focus to it 1-2 times a day for no more than 5 minutes.  No more than that because you want to allow, not drown, your dreams!

Step 2 – Incantations: “I LOVE THE THOUGHT OF___________________!”

Yep, you’ve got to fill in that blank. Be specific, and don’t hold back. Have that sense of a child when he’s in the mall excited to have a chance to tell Santa Claus what he wants for Christmas! Dream big, and feel good doing it! Write as many as you want and match them with your vision board.


I believe to be extremely successful in the health and fitness lifestyle, we must strengthen our minds and spirit. That is the powerful diesel engine under the hood that will provide discipline when life gets rough. I suggest you set a small amount of time aside daily to read a book. On top of that, watch a seminar by either buying a DVD or searching on YouTube. Recently I’ve been killing two birds with one stone. Instead of listening to music on the Stairmaster, I’m watching guys like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and other awesome teachers speak on my iPhone daily talking about the greatest topic in the world – Natural Laws in the Universe.

Here is my brief summary of the Law of Attraction. My take on it is that whatever we give our energy, attention, and focus on will eventually manifest from the inside out. Thoughts become things. The Law doesn’t favor people or play favorites to either positive or negative thoughts. It’s a law that is working in your life whether you know it or not. It’s also like the Law of Gravity, because whether you acknowledge it or not, no matter what, what goes up must still come down!

My advice is to work on being more conscious directly in the present moment. Work on being awake and aware. Let’s take 100% responsibility for ourselves in life, from what’s going out of us to what’s coming in to us. Understanding and using this power positively is tremendously effective in creating our fitness lifestyles inside and out.

Jason Calabrese

Jason Calabrese

Jason’s 30-Day Challenge:

Make the DECISION  to DO the Challenge TODAY!

  1. Fill out completely and honestly the Fast Fitness Now Workout Worksheet!
  2. Create your Fitness Vision board and USE 2x a day, for 5 minutes each time.
  3. Create your Fitness Incantations and USE 2x a day for 5 minutes each time.
  4.  Read 1 chapter daily of a motivational book.
  5. Watch 10-30 minutes daily of a motivational speaker.
  6. Create a Gratitude List of reasons why “I am so happy and grateful for _______!” Reflect on this list 2x a day.
  7.  To receive a personalized complimentary consultation and action plan, email me directly @ with your completed Fast Fitness Now Workout Worksheet!
  8.  Most importantly, have FUN and ENJOY THE JOURNEY DAILY!  I’m looking forward to receiving emails, connecting with people, and helping as many people as possible make progress in the health and fitness lifestyle.
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