Maria Dorta Success Story

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Starting at 286 pounds, I felt depressed, and sluggish. I became accustom to this lethargic lifestyle where I would sit on the couch, eat junk food and watch TV all day. I would be out of breath, just walking to my car. I remember wanting to play with my son, but just not having the energy. I finally decided to make a change when I started having chest pain. I realized then that the weight wasn’t just a cosmetic problem, but rather a serious medical concern at that point. I consulted with a Bariatric Surgeon and decided I was going to get the sleeve. I had the procedure and followed the post discharge instructions to the T. Slowly I began to change my eating habits all together as well as incorporating the gym into my everyday routine. It really was a lifestyle change for me. Especially going from eating junk food and not doing any type of physical activity. My biggest tip would be to keep going. Even if you mess up just dust yourself off and try again.
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