Shaun Hoisington Success Story

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On Thanksgiving day, 2009 I was 400 lbs and miserable. I had a 50 inch waist and I wore a size 5XL shirt. With much trial and error. I managed to lose 206lbs in 2.5 years. I got down to a 34 inch waist and was able to wear a Large shirt. I was a ripped 194lbs! I proceeded to train and gained some good muscle mass. I got up to 255lbs and I was pretty solid. I was happy with what I accomplished. Well, unfortunately I learned how fast you can lose everything you work for. On November 21, 2014, I fell 20ft when I was at work, a fall that should have killed me. Yet, I survived, but not without injury.
I destroyed my left femur, cracked my pelvis, fractured my right wrist, left elbow and tail bone. I spent 10 days in Baylor, Dallas ICU. I had lost 30lbs of muscle… On December 1, I was able to go home in a wheel chair and a hospital bed. The doctor’s said I would not be able to start learning how to walk again for 7-8 months. I fought and fought and proved them wrong! I took my first step in 4 months, while recovering I fell into a depression because I couldn’t train and it was hard for be to put muscle mass back on after I gained alot of un-wanted weight. Once again, I’m 320lbs, but I’m not giving up! I’ve been training my legs again. Mostly bodyweight, but I’ve been pushing myself to do better each time. I’m no longer laying down and making excuses. I’m still on worker’s compensation supporting for my family of 5. I have lost weigh and I’m currently working my way back to tip-top shape!
Thank you
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