Kendra Riley Success Story

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I have always been pretty athletic. I grew up being a competitive dancer and was introduced to weight lifting through dance summer camps. I lost sight of my goals a little bit in high school and didn’t give a care in the world to what I was putting into my body. My junior year was especially hard for me because all of that crap that I was carelessly throwing into my stomach was starting to showing. I had gained over 25 pounds and was in a place where I didn’t know what to do. I was unhappy with myself for letting my habits get out of control. I then remembered how much I loved weightlifting so I got myself a gym membership. Almost 2 years later, I am much healthier, happier and prepping for my first bikini competition. My journey isn’t over. I am passionate about fitness and love living the lifestyle.

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Aleksander Forian
A former rugby player from Montreal, Canada, Aleksander holds a D.C.E. in Social Science (Sports & Leisure) from Vanier College and is currently studying Fine Arts and Nutrition at Concordia University. Combining his artistic talent with his passion for fitness, he founded and runs Old-School Bodybuilding Apparel in 2014, a company that produces apparel screened with original renditions of the great legends of bodybuilding. Aleksander is a certified lifeguard at West-Island YMCA and spends his free time building his company, working as a freelance artist, and training as a bodybuilder. He also works with others in the fitness industry to choreograph posing routines. He placed 5th in the 2013 IDFA Montreal Classic in the Novice, Lightweight division; 4th in the 2014 IDFA Montreal Classic in Novice, Lightweight division; and 3rd in the 2014 IDFA Mississauga International Championship in the Novice, Lightweight division. He trains at Monster Gym in West-Island. INSTAGRAM: AleksanderForian

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