After I joined the Marine Corps

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I don’t usually share my story, but I guess it’s time. Growing up I’ve always kept to myself and never really talked to anyone. After my grandfather died, I shut everyone out. Throughout the years I became a little more comfortable being myself and talking with people, but I’ve always held on to certain feelings that I never spoke about. After I joined the Marine Corps, everything all hit me at once and I became severely depressed on a daily basis. I thought about leaving this world. One day I stumbled across one of Rich Piana’s videos. When he talked, it starting a fire inside of me so I started hitting the gym and made good progress. Then I heard some thing from someone that triggered everything again and I fell right back into depression. I started losing weight and my was hair falling out. All sorts of terrible were beginning to happen. Having to watched my sister get raped and be able to do anything about. Till this day it haunts me the most. Talking with my spouse and others. I was able to find peace with-in. The past was the past and I needed to move forward. To this day it still haunts me, but the only true therapy I’ve ever had was in the gym. Inside, everything is washed out! I’m a different person walking inside the gym. Nothing bothers me, nothing holds me back. I guess the morale of the story is don’t let things dwell on you and keep you down in the dirt. Make peace with whatever pushes you down and get up and brush yourself off.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
 gretta 14
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