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 The Iron LifeStyle Magazine 

The Iron lifestyle is dedicated to bringing high quality information that is both knowledgeable and entertaining to our readers. It will consist of reading material uploaded daily with the world’s top professional and amateur athletes along with other insightful material involved in the world of health and fitness.

We will cover all divisions in the NPC and IFBB with a special focus on the athletes that make this sport great!

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Gretta Vitta, Founder of The Iron Lifestyle Magazine and Co-Editor

Gretta is an award-winning women’s physique competitor. She also runs her own one-on-one fitness studio in Stuart, FL, called “Do It Gretta Vitta Style Health & Fitness Studio”, where she offers contest preparation, NPC and IFBB posing practice, diet programs, sports specific training, bootcamp training, weight loss programs.

Originally from Venezuela and now living in Stuart, Florida, Gretta has many talents.  From a young age, she practiced gymnastics and dance, then moved on to modeling and competing in beauty pageants. Since moving to the U.S. in 1995 to further her studies, she has become a successful Hispanic businesswoman, first propelled to fame when she became ‘The Lady in Red’ for her humanitarian work for “The American Red Cross Haiti Relief” and “Chile Earthquake” and then starring in her own television show called “Spanglish con Gretta Vitta”, a new show she produces and directs that is featured on “Hola Vision TV”, an affiliate station with CBS 12 in West Palm Beach. In addition, she also has a health and fitness TV show called “Do it Gretta Vitta Style” Health and Fitness Tips and  she is former a radio host for WPBR 1340AM, a voice-over talent for MIA 92.1FM, and a contributing writer to prestigious magazines such as “Hispanic in America Magazine”, “Latin Connection Magazine”, “Sunset Drive Magazine”, and “El Punto Newspaper”.

Gretta is former President of her public relations and marketing company, Powerful Marketing, which specializes in corporate, social and charity events.  Gretta is passionate about health and fitness, first discovering bodybuilding as a teenager.

In 2014, she made her debut as a Physique competitor in the Dayana Cadeau Classic, placing 1st in her Class and winning Masters overall, and then competed in the Amanda Marinelli Florida Gold Cup, placing 1st in the Masters 30+ class.  Competed NPC Miami Nationals 2015 placing top 10th in the country. Gretta plans to become an IFBB Pro and eventually compete on the Olympia stage.

In addition to fitness, she loves football, baseball, running at the beach, dancing, fast bikes and fast cars.  However, she is most passionate about being a mother to her 3 adorable sons, Anthony, Blake and Braxton.

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Instagram & Twitter: @GrettaVItta


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